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a delicate embroidered fabric…

KeenBags is an exclusive collection of tote bags, handbags, and pouches made out of the traditional scarf from the Middle East, called guthra. A delicately embroidered fabric that I use to create tote bags, pouches, home decoration accessories, and kimonos. Originally made by high-qualified tailors in Dubai, United Arab Emirates, the collection is now produced in Spain with top-level quality control.

To create my collection, I find inspiration in my travels, in street life, colors, and texture of traditional fabrics from all over the world.

Enjoy the journey!

A few words about me. My name is Carinne, I'm French, and I have created my brand KeenBags in 2012.

I lived in Dubai for 14 years with my family, then in Singapore for 2 years, and since September 2019, I'm settled in Barcelona, Spain.

With a real passion for travelling, I've always brought traditional fabrics from the countries I visited. To me, traditional fabrics are a link with the country I visited, and with the people I met.

As I was living in Dubai, I naturally had the idea of using the local traditional scarf, called the guthra to create beach tote bags, and pouches. It was a way to twist the usage of a traditional fabric into contemporary fashion accessories.

KeenBags was created in 2012 in Dubai and is registered in Spain since September 2019. Among many others, I attended Dubai Fashion Week in Oct. 2015 & April 2016, Market Out of the Box in Dubai on Jan. 2017, Boutique Fairs in Singapore, March 2018 & 2019, BCN en las Alturas in Nov. 2019 & May 2021 in Barcelona.

Contemporary fashion accessories with a French touch

Carinne is continuously searching for new fabrics, new colors and textures in hidden places…

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